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  • IC IGBT Diode
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    IC IGBT Diode

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    Motor Drive USE Single-chip Inverter IC

    HITACHI는 40W ~ 120W급 Brushless DC motor 제어용 Driver IC를 공급하고 있습니다.

    Product Feature

    - Integrated, Single-Chip Direct BLDC Motor Driver IC

    - Integrated Charge Pump - Creates constant TOP            Arm bias independent of motor speed 

    - Integrated 3-Phase Brushless (Electronic)                        commutation via external Hall ICs 
    - Integrated 3-Phase 6-IGBT Motor Bridge with on-          chip free-wheeling diodes 

    - Latch-Up Free monolithic IC - Built with a high                voltage Dielectric Isolation (DI) process 

    - Simple Variable Speed Control via a single (VSP)            analog input

    - PWM duty cycle generator provides a 0% to 100%          speed control range

    - BOTTOM Arms switch at up to 20kHz via an on-chip      OSC/PWM

    - On-Chip 7.5VDC regulator (CB) with a guaranteed        Min load (25mA)

    - Low Stand-By power

    - An all output IGBT Shut-OFF function

    - Enhanced protection functions such as over-current      protection

    - Suitable for sine wave drive with or without a                  position sensor (position sensorless control)

    - Sine wave control is realized by using this IC with a          microprocessor

    Product line

    - VSP input series : ECN30206, ECN30208, ECN30210P,

                                       ECN30210F, ECN30210S
       -> 15Vcc, 250~500Vsm, 0.7~1.4A(Output current), 


    - 6-input series : ECN30603, ECN30620, ECN30622
       -> 15Vcc, 250~500Vsm, 0.7~1.4A(Output current), 


    - Sine wave control series : ECN33101, ECN33201, 

       -> 15Vcc, 250~600Vsm, 1~2A(Output current), 150W

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