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  • IC IGBT Diode
  • 고순도 Fine chem
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    IC IGBT Diode

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    Vehicle use High Voltage Diode

    Automotive & 산업용 고전압 다이오드 시리즈
    1KV~15KV 전원에 최적의 다이오드입니다.

    Product Feature

    - A diode used for rectifying high voltages
        JASO D 001-94, Class A, Condition A-1 Capable
        ISO7637-2 pulse 5a capable

    - Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage : 1kV to 15kV.

    - Lineup of JEDEC Package product.

    - Lead Diameter : 0.5mm and 0.6mm

    - Forward Current : 10mA and 30mA

    - High Reliability : Diffused-junction and resin molded      construction

    - Excellent high temperature output characteristics

    - Small leakage current at high temperature and                excellent reverse characteristics
        RoHS and ELV Compliant


    - Automotive Ignition System : 1KV~15KV Lineup

    - Power Supply Series : 1KV~14KV Lineup

      printers, color TV receivers, Cluster Ionizer,

      X light Power supply, Laser, Microwave, air cleaner

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